Our Team

President- David Wilson

David Wilson- President/Police Liaison/Public Relations

David Wilson is our President & Police Liaison. He also helps with flyers, research, search, public relations. 

Vice President- Teresa Wilson

Tee Mac- Vice President

Teresa Wilson- aka Tee Mac is our Vice President. She also helps with flyers, research, family care. 


Carrie Windsor- Treasurer/Secretary

Carrie Windsor is our Secretary and Treasurer. She also helps with research, flyers, search, and helps keep the website updated. 

About Us

Community Outreach- Frank Windsor

BeUnited Missing Persons logo

Frank Windsor is our community outreach specialist. He also helps with searches and fundraising. 

Fundraising- Holly Etchison

Holly Etchison- fundraising

Holly Etchison is our fundraising chairperson. She also helps with searches. 

Social Media Specialist

BeUnited Missing Persons logo

Our social media specialist updates our groups with helpful information for the community. She plans to start a podcast and possibly a FB live soon.